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Welcome To Our Brand New Website!

Loyal Customers,

We thank you for your continued business, support, and patience during the development of our new website! As we grow as a company, establishing an online platform was our main priority for 2021. We encourage you to subscribe to to receive the latest Weekly Meal Prep menus directly to your inbox!

What to expect?

In the coming weeks, Weekly Meal Prep services will transition to online ordering via our 'Meal Prep Services' tab which can be accessed HERE. Weekly Meal Prep orders can be placed directly from your mobile device, tablet, or PC.

Weekly Meal Prep selections will continue to be priced at $8 each for meals and $4 each for soups, but you may notice a difference in price upon check out. Once prompted to the checkout] - three lines of information will appear with information pertaining to your order.

Check out information:

  1. Items ordered and quantity

  2. Subtotal (ie; $8 or $4)

  3. NJ Sales Tax

  4. Delivery Fee (Optional) Fee-based upon address entered

Online ordering will be available for your convenience soon. For now - please check out this week's Meal Prep Menu, to place an order HERE. Thanks in advance if you already placed your order for this week!

If you wish to opt-out from our email list and no longer wish to receive emails, please reply "OPT-OUT" or unsubscribe.

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Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams
Feb 27, 2021

Well done, so glad you are taking it to the next level. This is new for me also. We will grow together. Lots of Love and Blessing to my Cook family 😍

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