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Good morning beautiful people. I want to start by saying I truly appreciate all the support with our new cooking channel on YouTube. Heavenly Eats Tv is growing and the taping of our first season is nearly complete. Between that, and our agreement with the Field of Dreams to run concessions, and our new partnership with the Ocean County Library to run programming for multiple locations we have not been able to resume our Meal Prep services. I do apologize and as we grow as a company finding staff has become increasingly difficult. So two things I’m asking, ok maybe three. If you know anyone looking for part time work and has experience please let me know, please be patient as we will resume Meal Prep when we can, and if you already have not liked and/or subscribed to our new channel please do so using link below. Have an awesome day.

Chef Brian

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Good morning, wanted to send a message to all of our subscribers and supporters. I wanted to share with you the link for our new cooking channel, HEAVENLY EATS TV. I know I typically use this platform to communicate about meal prep, however if your interested in watching cooking shows you can now tune in. When you subscribe using link below you will help grow the channel and get notifications of new episodes. Our newest creation “Blackend Chicken with Smoked Sherry Cream Sauce” airs today. This channel will be fun, informative, and entertaining. Hope you check us out, subscribe, and send to a friend. Appreciate you all, and hope you’ll be watching!

Look we on TV…..

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Good morning, just wanted to thank you all for your patience and well wishes as we work thru this difficult time. Most of you who follow our catering journey know we had a loss from the team. Our Meal Prep services will be on hold for this week due to services and next week due to huge 3 day catering event! I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Chef Brian

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