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New menu out. Please check it out and place your order today. Two new items featured on this weeks menu. Just heat and eat, a simple and easy service. Thank you all for your continued support. For those of you following we did not advance to the Semi Final round but still in contention for Carla's Pick. Thank you all for your continued support and voting. The journey has been incredible and the outpouring from all of you has been amazing. The plan still remains intact we are building something special.....

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Thank you all for your continued support with Meal Prep and the competition. New menu is out today. Take a look at some of the new dishes and share menu with a friend. This is a simple and easy service that delivers quality meals at a more than reasonable price. Pre-portioned, packaged for pick up or delivery. Check us out and place your order today. Also please continue to vote. Please and Thank You!!!!

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New menu is out. Thank you as always for the continued support. Tonight is the night I find out if I win my group and advance to the quarterfinals. I truly do appreciate all that have voted and ordered to support what we are doing here. We are gonna ride this train for as long as we can. Thanks again. (use link below to vote and menu below to order)

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