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A message from the Chef

Good morning guys, this would normally be a new menu update but this week due to heavy corporate catering we will not be doing meals. I do thank you for your patience and understanding. We are moving closer into the prime catering season in which we will adjust and will let customers know our modified meal prep schedule. We are truly grateful for all the business and support and truly committed to continue to provide this portion of service from our company. As we continue to develop new services to meet the ever demanding needs of our clients we will forever stick to mission of providing a quality pre portioned meal at a fair price.

I also want to take the time to apologize as we did have an increase in our delivery fee, in which I did not alert customers. I was suppose to send out update but was super busy and more committed to providing meal prep that week that I totally forgot. The delivery charges increased by a few dollars to help off set the additional cost of fuel for our drivers. I did not want to increase the overall cost of meals as I always want to provide a quality product at a price that most could afford. Some dishes require higher cost proteins but in general the average cost of our meals has consistently been $8. We have even added in a new side salad option for $5. It is a weekly challenge but we will continue to do all we can in this sector of our company to keep this service affordable to all. Thank you again for your understanding and continued support of Heavenly Eats Catering.

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