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A Message from Your Favorite Chef

Good morning my friends, I am sending a message in regards to Meal Prep for at least the remainder of this month. Due to an unexpected increase in corporate catering, our recent takeover of concessions for Field of Dreams thru November for their Flag Football League, and our limited staffing, Meal Prep will be on pause and or very limited serving only our elderly clients who rely on this service. I realize this may present an inconvenience and do truly apologize. We are building many more relationships in the community and securing more weekly business. I am excited to be able to share my culinary talents with many more new people but truly committed to our Meal Prep program and will be working diligently to get back to weekly service. Thank you in advance for understanding and thank you for growing with us.

Believe it or not our calendar is starting to book for 2024. If you have dates you want to book with us please do so. Thank you again and have an awesome day.

Stay Hungry,

Chef Brian

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