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A Message from your Favorite Chef

Good evening, as promised but a day late is our new Meal Prep Menu. In honor of Black History Month (you know we always try to theme and be different) we are back with some new selections. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Please spread the word. Our goal is the to be more consistent and then limit (not close) during Catering Season. That is the plan, however as we continue to grow we may have to adjust. Here are a few things to look out for and expect in 2024. We will still be the Resident Chef at the Rebecca Finn House in downtown Toms River, we will be doing cooking classes in two communities this year, we will be hosting a Car Show on April 20th, working on a cooking channel, and a long term goal is a potential food truck, also working with the Ocean County Library to do cooking programing at some or most of their locations. A full plate but we are ready to eat.... (see what I did there) Here is the menu below. Enjoy and have a great night.

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