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We are back, and although we are still catering we are attempting to provide this service as its been in demand. Thank you all for your patience as June is one of our busiest months. We are committed to providing meal preps as much as we can for the remainder of the summer. We will limit it to 4 selections and then will resume with normal business once we are thru the holidays. Oh and for those who have been following the competition we have made it to the Top 5. We are open for ordering and please continue to vote.........

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Today voting begins for a competion I was selected for. I'm competing in Carla Hall's next Favorite Chef. Voting begins at 10:00 PDT, which is 1:00 PM EST. Please set your notifications . Your vote could push me into the top 20. Please and thank you for your support. Use and share this link with as many people who would be willing to support:

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Sooooooo....with the official kick off of Catering Season starting instead of shutting Meal Prep down completely we will only shut down in the month of June. We will look to start back up shortly after the July 4th holiday. Business has been amazing and we are truly Blessed to be booked. I thought about this a million times and after my float had clarity on this decision. Currently we have a total of 4 days off the entire month of June. Not complaining, because this is what we asked for, however I want to be able to continue to deliver top quality. I appreciate all of you as customers and for June it just wouldn't be possible. Thank you all in advance for understanding as we truly do appreciate your continued support.

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